Saturday, December 31, 2011

Endings and beginnings


The last few hours of 2011 are here, and I spent some time today looking back through photos, remembering special events of this year and wondering about what's to come in 2012. I always think I'll make big plans, set lofty goals and jump right in, but life often gets in the way.

Having said that, I do have some creative challenges in mind for next year:

*Get comfortable with Photoshop--I've had the software for a while now but I've never ventured far into the depths of it can do. I'm counting on these classes with Kim Klassen to help me learn and keep me motivated.
*Continue to build online friendships with the inspiring women I met this year at camp (And hopefully attend camp in 2012 if at all possible!)
*Spend time with this amazing lens I got for Christmas.
*Shoot more Polaroids! I was quite remiss in this area in 2011 and need to give my SX-70 more love and attention in 2012.
*Learn more about my new iPhone and all the ways I can be creative with its sweet little camera (I'm already an Instagram junkie!)

So...those are the ideas buzzing around in my head right now. Hopefully I can stay committed and maybe even add more to the list as the year unfolds. How about you? What are your creative goals and dreams?


Sylvia Hall @ From the Heart said...

Hi Leslie! I loved your post. First of all, the lens... wow, wow and wow! :) I've considering venturing into Photoshop as well. I played around with a trial in Lightroom and didn't quite get into it. I guess my focus is to get to know my new camera first. Wishing you a fabulous 2012.

pam said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos this year! My flash broke recently, and rather than replace it, I think I'll spend the first part of 2012 getting more comfortable with my camera's manual settings. And I have three knitting projects that have been inching along for waaaay too long. I love Instagram. So immediate and always with me. Happy new year!

Carole Knits said...

That's a beautiful mosaic. I'm going to continue with Project 365 again this year, my new camera is all the inspiration I need.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your post. I recently decided that I needed to create a list of goals for the year ahead ( and I see that we share a few. Photoshop didn't make it to my list, but it should have! I will check out the link to the course you recommend. Also, I have an iPhone and absolutely love it. I'm actually amazed a lot of the time by how good the pictures are that I take with my phone. I hope you enjoy it. Here's a link to a site that covers some great iPhone apps, including some good photo editing apps (
Anyway, I enjoyed reading your blog and really like the name! Happy new year.

Jan said...

Top on my list is playing with you! Your photos, baking, knitting ... All amazing. I am excited to see what we create in 2012 on our own and together!

Rani said...

Your pictures are just stunning. There is a lot of variety in your shots - talent, my dear.

My goal is to start up my lazy old blog again and write more. Oh. And maybe knit on the side. . .