Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One little word

One little word

I finally feel I'm getting into the new year's routine after the whirlwind of the holidays. It takes me a while to just breathe, reset and move forward each January. Do you feel the same?

This year, for the first time, I decided to choose a word that will be my focus for the months ahead. I've never participated in One Little Word but I've always been drawn to the idea. I think that in the past I made it seem too hard...which word to choose, how would I know, would I be happy with just ONE word defining my year?

But I decided this was the year to join in. So many lovely ladies I admire are taking part, and I didn't want to be left behind!

The word that kept returning to my mind was "trust." I tend to be a worrier by nature--and the word trust seems to be one that might counter that tendency. I want to trust more that things will work for the best, that my God is bigger and bolder and more loving than I can imagine, and that whatever comes my way, I will be able to handle it. Sounds big and scary, doesn't it? But it's my hope that focusing on this word will at least begin to draw my mind in this direction.

If you're still pondering a word for the year, I urge you to jump on in! Let's take the leap together and see what happens.

P.S. Take a minute to check out this post and the awesome video by Chris Sneddon on today's Shutter Sisters site. It's so inspiring! And I'm so honored to have my photo be a part of it!


jackie said...

Great word Leslie! It can be amazing how words or a word can bring clarity and power! Love the video too!

Carole Knits said...

That's a great word and I love the way you presented it, too.

Lola said...

Wonderful post. Trust is such a hard thing. I'll be praying for you that this word, this year become all that you hope. And that your trust flourishes.

Lil'M said...

Dear Leslie, way to be brave! Trust is a scary one because it also invites opportunities to grow in that, and this can often be overwhelming. Blessing to you that this may be a year wherein your ability and desire to trust in everything you listed roots deep and solid within you.

Much love, dear Friend!

Marcie said...

Love your word...love how you've presented it here. Trust is something we could all use a little more of in our lives!

leaca said...

trust is a big word. you are just jumping in there. good for you. loved the video and it was so fun to see my photo included.

Ellen said...

Really good blog, true inspiration! :)

Please visit mine -

Anonymous said...

Words are incredible little things, full of the unexpected! And your photography is fantastic; I am glad to have stumbled across your blog!