Monday, June 23, 2014

June, June, June!

Long division

Package head

Off in the weeds

Fuji X100s

Happy bouquet

Ah, June. Summer officially arrives...along with my solstice birthday. Those two things always bring a smile to my face!

What I'm loving now:
  • Green, everywhere, green!
  • Flowers of all kinds...wildflowers, weeds, garden blooms.
  • Long days, early morning fog, golden evening light.
  • Big, billowy clouds in endless blue sky.
  • A pile of new books waiting to be read.
  • Celebrations and adventures with family and friends.
  • Anticipation of upcoming travels.
Fun links to explore:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The merry month of May

Viva la Burger

Perfect morning view

Fish story

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Memory making

Summer is unofficially here and it makes me a little sad to see we have only a few days of May remaining. I love summer, but I hate to see the time flying by now that warmer days are here. These are the days we wait for all winter...and suddenly, they are here and much too quickly gone. I have to remind myself each day to savor the moments!

Speaking of those moments, I'm starting a "summer bucket list" so I can be intentional about adding some fun and creativity into the weeks ahead. Here are a few ideas on my list so far:

*Make some fun items with indigo tie-dye (inspired by this post)
*Try out these yummy-looking coffee treats
*Check out this new exhibit at the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art
*Rent kayaks and paddle on this lake
*Have a little fun with glitter

What are you planning for the summer season? Is there anything I should add to my list? I'd love to hear your ideas!

P.S. I'm also planning our vacation to Portland, OR (first time visit). Let me know if there are "must-see" places you'd recommend.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wait a minute

River Market

Instant exploration


Unforked food

Angry sky

Banana Boo-yah

Spring in Kansas is an interesting time. One day sunny, the next stormy, and the next...light snow. Such is life when the seasons are changing here in the Midwest. They say if you don't like the weather here, just wait a minute and it will change!

Luckily, I was able to take advantage of a (mostly) lovely weekend to get outside with my cameras and spend time with friends as well. My new "instant" love is my Instax mini 90, a gift from my husband at Christmas time. I didn't know how much I'd really use this camera, but it turns out it's the camera I want with me wherever I go. Those tiny little prints are just such fun, and the Fuji film is so reliable. I've also been spending more time with my Polaroid 250, rediscovering how fun it is to see the images that come from that camera. It's a little bulky to carry around, but it's definitely a conversation-starter when you do.

One of the great things about living in Kansas City--aside from having many interesting places for photo adventures--is the active Instagram community. It's fun to have "virtual" friends through IG, but even more fun to meet those friends in person. I was able to spend time last weekend with my friend Betsy exploring the River Market area of KC with my trusty instant film cameras (and iPhone). This part of the city is bounded by the Missouri River and has several interesting bridges that make for great photography subjects. There's also a great walking path along with river, as well as a thriving farmer's market and lots of old buildings that make for a fun outing. It was a hot afternoon (80s and sunny!) and we got a good bit of walking in before giving into our tired legs and feet and heading home.

The next day I Betsy and I met our friend Reuben at Unforked, a locally-owned restaurant with a some unique menu offerings. Reuben is the photographer for the restaurant and wanted us to taste-test some of the goodies that Unforked is serving up. We ordered lots of items to share: the Akaushi burger, fundido fries, Hail the Kale salad, the Ahi taco, crispy ghost taco (calamari!) and the Rx salad (spinach with acorn squash). Whew! That's a lot of food for three people, but hey, we were sampling in small bites so the calories were fewer, right? 

These were all new to me, except the fries, which are hard to resist with their creamy topping of queso and bacon. (They could be a meal all unto themselves!) My new favorite from the sampling is the Akaushi burger: it was juicy, cooked perfectly and had some kind of "secret sauce" that was very tasty. Reuben declared the Ahi tuna taco his new favorite, though you have to be a fish lover to fully appreciate the flavors. I didn't know you could order any of the tacos on the menu as a lettuce wrap, which I think is a smart option and one I'll consider in the future.

As we let all this food settle a bit, we scanned the dessert menu (yes, we still wanted dessert) to see what new things we might try. This place is known for its delicious frozen custard, and it's hard to walk out without having just a taste of something sweet. I appreciate the fact that you can place orders for half portions so you don't feel quite as full (or guilty) having dessert. I ordered one of the seasonal items, the Banana Booyah Pothole, and it did not disappoint. Bananas, chocolate chip cookies, hot fudge and vanilla custard? Yes, please!

As we were ending our food fest, a huge storm began to roll in. There were predictions of hail and damaging winds, and we cut short our time together to get home before things got bad. Luckily the storm's bark was worse than its bite, but the clouds made for some fantastic photos ops. I felt fortunate that things were not as bad as predicted, though we did get snow the next morning. Crazy Mother Nature!

So tell me...what's new in your world? Where are you exploring, connecting, eating?  I'd love to hear about your adventures, too.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

The world in black and white

  • Timeworn Local watering hole. Since 1884. Escape route Untitled Walk boldly through
It's June! The official start to summer happens later this month, and things all around are bursting with color.

But before we move on to the riotous colors of summer, I want to share a few black and white images from recent weeks. I love color, but I find myself drawn to black and white more and more these days. Perhaps it's because I've been spending more time photographing urban landscapes--pseudo street photography if you will. And shooting and editing on my iPhone makes it so easy to create great black and white conversions. My Polaroid pack camera got a workout this winter, too, with black and white film replacing the standard color. There's something about black and white that takes away some of the distraction and lets you see a scene differently.

Speaking of seeing differently, here are some links that might help change your creative perspective:
  • If you don't already have the VSCO cam app, download it now! There's an update today that's well worth the download...and it's free! If you already have the app, download the new one to see all the new features. 
  • Check out this new e-course on collaboration offered by the lovely Xanthe.  It would be a perfect summer project for you and your family.
  • And the dynamic duo of Meredith and Kristin have spots open in their self-portrait workshop, Now You. Take a look!
  • By the way, I'm a new contributor at Words to Shoot By! Please visit and enjoy the lovely words and images there.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Admiring architecture

Passing through Full house Hidden gem

Recently I've spent a lot of time exploring my city, and it's amazing to see the diversity of architecture here. We are fortunate to have both urban and rural settings that provide a wide range of inspiration. I find myself drawn more and more to structures, especially older ones, that have a history about them. It's fascinating to see the details, the materials, the shapes that men and women have created over time.

What are you seeing these days? What's inspiring you?