Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Loving the light

I wanna soak up the sunOverheadGolden

I realize as I look through recent photos that the light is changing. The changes are subtle, but they're there. Though I love fall, there's a certain bittersweet feeling to the season, knowing that winter will come sweeping in behind it with its biting winds. Right now we still have many days with temps reminiscent of summer, but the mornings are cooler and the days are definitely shorter. For now, I'll keep seeking the light, watching the shift, enjoying the particular fruits of this season.

How have you noticed the change where you are?


In Real Life said...

Your photos are stunning! Wow!
Yes, fall is definitely in the air here. Temperatures are much cooler, and it is becoming dark much earlier.

Rani said...

Those sunflowers remind me of North Dakota.

Capture the light while you can!!!

www.simplytrendyjewelry.com said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful! What a gift you have!

Jodi Johnson

Emma said...

That sunflower photo is just gorgeous!

They're my favourite flower, but unfortunately there aren't many where I live.

Just beautiful.

jackie said...

Your photos today are making me swoon! Such beautiful light. And yes, I've noticed the change in the light and the cooler air of a morning and evening. It is always bittersweet - for me it's a kind of reckoning where I realize the beginning of the summer held so many possibilities and now it's behind us.