Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keep on keepin' on


It's been ages since I shot and developed film; though it's fun, it does take extra effort to purchase and process, plus it's more costly than my trusty digital.

That said, there's something magical about taking photos you can't immediately see and waiting to discover how they turned out. This roll of film was in my Holga since last fall and I just now got around to finishing it. As usual, only a few of the shots turned out as I'd hoped, but that's O.K. A lot of the fun is in the process itself.

So for those of you who shoot with film, what are your favorite film types? Anything new I should consider or try? I keep thinking I need to load up the trusty Pentax or Minolta and give them a spin soon. The Holga and SX-70 shouldn't have all the fun, right?

P.S. You can see a couple more shots from the Holga adventure here and here.


Rani said...

No way. I think about that all the time as I snap away 322 pictures on my digital camera.

People say, "My gosh, you're a great photographer."

I say, "Everyone is, if you can take 76 pictures of a flower! One of them is bound to be good."

I really respect those that can take THE SHOT. I have not developed film other than disposable cameras from my kids' camps since . . . sheesh . . . I can't remember.

painted fish studio said...

wow, the holga shot is amazing! i've never shot color film with my holga, but this post has me wanting to try. other than polaroid film, i haven't worked with "real" film in a while, and maybe i need to play a bit.

Char said...

i've been using the bw400n from kodak - its B&W that can be developed on color printers

KD Jewelry said...

I have a bucket full of rolls that I need to process, I hate the thought of spending all that money to get them developed. But if I don't hurry and do it, the pics will be 10 years old! LOL

Jackie said...

Hi Leslie,
It's always such a delight to wander through your photographs - like a little serene escape, a bit of daydreaming! It looks like getting together this summer didn't happen did it? :(
Yes, the digital makes it all so instantaneous, but waiting on the film is a good exercise too I think. Seeing some of your Holga shots has made me pick up my Diana. Maybe when I get payed I can have the film developed.