Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm taking a break in the midst of my holiday preparations to remember why we celebrate. Gratitude for so many things, large and small. Appreciation of the many blessings of life, the greatest of which are my family, my faith, my friends. My cup really does overflow.

Bring pie

Here's wishing you and your loved ones a safe and happy Thanksgiving. And don't forget to eat a piece of pie for me!


Carole Knits said...

Mmmmm. Pie. Happy Thanksgiving!

Alicia A. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Leslie!

tiennie said...

Happy thanksgiving to you!!

Anonymous said...

Done and done. I ate two pieces for you on t-day and didn't even know it.

Love this pic and am thinking after seeing so many of your amazing polas that I need to dig my old one out and see if I can't find film for it.

Ulla V. said...

I can only agree with you, Leslie. Sometimes Christmas becomes full of busy people, who forget the "true" feelings and thoughts about this Holiday.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones....

Ulla :0))