Thursday, November 20, 2008

Catching up

This is the time of year, for me, when time seems to move at warp speed. How can we be so close to the end of 2008 already? Didn't it just begin? And the holidays! Next week, Thanksgiving, then on to Christmas. It's all exciting, yet somehow I feel behind, even when I'm really doing fine.

I finished this little hat several weeks ago and never blogged about it. Guess that's part of the warp speed phenomenon. At any rate, I'll give you the quick run-down on this, just in case you're needing a quick, fun knit for holiday gift-giving.

<Beehive hat

This isn't a new pattern, but it's the first time I've given it a go. Any of you who knit with Noro know how intriguing it is to watch those colors change like magic. This hat was knit with Silk Garden and I modified the pattern to fit my three-year-old niece.

Bee's eye view

I should tell you, I finished this hat with a little yarn to spare, but I think if I had knit it following the pattern (for an adult) I would have been short with just one skein. Just a word of warning! Other than that, I say give it a go if you or someone you love needs a colorful way to keep a noggin warm.

Project notes: Noro Silk Garden #205, knit on U.S. size 6 needles. Cast on 75 stitches for toddler version and alternating three rows knit, three rows purl.


Jean said...

The colorway is beautiful! What an awesome hat!

Jennifer said...

Wow - that's simply gorgeous. I'll have to go snoop for some Noro in my stash. Thanks for the link to the pattern.

Carole Knits said...

That's really adorable.

Elizabeth said...

That will certainly brighten a cold winter day!

Cathy said...

This will look so cute on a wee child! I love the colors!

Claudia said...

I'm also working on a hat...I hope that it's going to fit my tiny head ;)

Donna Boucher said...

Oh my gosh! I love this hat! Thank you so much for the pattern!!!