Thursday, October 19, 2006

All wrapped up

I'm so behind in my blogging AND my knitting! I'm not sure why, although I have been making a good dent in my "to do" list here at home, so maybe that's the trade-off.

At any rate, this little sweater and hat were actually finished last week and mailed a couple of days ago (better late than never) to my niece for her first birthday.

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I followed the Haiku pattern from Knitty again and it's actually a fast knit. The superwash yarn I used was hand-dyed for me by Meg. Be sure to check out her etsy shop--her colors are fabulous! She sent a tiny sample of sock yarn in the package with this yarn, and it's sooooo yummy.

The hat was just knit from the leftovers, following a basic pattern in the Ann Budd book. It may be just a tad short but should be plenty stretchy to fit around little A's head.

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Now that this gift is safely in the mail, I can now return to the socks and shawl that are patiently waiting!


Kelly said...

That's a great pattern and I love the orange!

PlazaJen said...

That color is FABulous. Makes me want an Orange freeze or some other kind of citrus concoction! That will be one stylin' kiddo!

La Cabeza Grande said...

That's so cute! And I love the color :o)

Elizabeth said...

See, now my blogging and knitting are moving along at a good clip, but my To Do list around the house? dead in the water.

The baby set is so cute! Just adorable. Lucky little baby.

That's so Twisted said...

Thanks for the awesome comments and the links. You rock!
I love both your pattern choices. They both look lovely. I'm still working on my god-niece's last bday hat and she's having another bday next week.

Brooke said...

love that sweater. The pattern looks a bit confusing - is this knit on straight needles?

JulieFrick said...

I love the color! Reminds me of ruby red grapefruit juice. Yum. It's definitely breakfast time over here.

ChelleC said...

That's so cute. Well done. The color is wonderful.

Leslie said...

Brooke, the pattern is knit flat (straight or circular needles will work) and is worked side to side. You cast on at the right front of the sweater and work you way around to the left front, all in one piece. Each sleeve is knit flat, then seamed, then sewn to the sweater.

kathy in juneau said...


Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Love the orange baby duds - they're adorable!!