Friday, October 27, 2006

I AM the weakest link

Because I'm too distracted...busy...lazy...unfocused...(add your label here) to even get the first sock done! Forget second sock syndrome--I have FSS!

Knitting this sock is fun, the pattern is easy, the yarn is great, yet my progress is slow. See?

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My friend Kyra started hers after me, and she's done! Probably wearing those beauties right now, even as I type. Sigh.

Well, enough whining. I have a sock that needs my attention!


ChelleC said...

Don't feel bad, Leslie, I'm back working on a pair of socks I started in July. It's a cute sock you're making

aija said...

What great colors! You'll so love them when they're done :)

La Cabeza Grande said...

You are not alone, kiddo! I was sailing along with an easy diagonal rib sock in Lorna's Laces back in July. I put it away so it would no longer mock me.

Dipsy D. said...

Please don't feel bad - no matter how long it'll take you, it's going to be an amazing pair of socks! I so love the colorline!

Sharon G. said...

Girl, I have a pair of socks sitting in my wip pile since March...don't feel bad.

Michelle said...

What a great color combination! Don't worry about how long they take, you'll be able to enjoy them no matter when you finish.