Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm still standin'

Wow, I checked in on the blog yesterday and saw it's been almost two weeks since I posted! I knew it had been a while, but didn't realize I'd been away that long. Things have been busy here--the bathroom remodeling took six weeks, dominating all activity for far too long.

Last weekend we traveled to the state music competition for a solo, quartet and ensemble our son was competing in. And, on Sunday, our daugther was confirmed at church. Did I mention both my parents AND in-laws stayed with us last weekend as well. Yeah, we've been a bit crazy.

However...I have been crafty here and there. Amidst all the flurry of activity, another dear friend had a birthday. We celebrated with breakfast out, and I made another mini felt cake as part of her gift. We both love hearts, so this motif seemed perfect for her.

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Making this one reminded me I never took a photo of the previous cake I made for another friend. I borrowed it back from her to snap a couple of shots.

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These are so fun--which is good, because the group I celebrate birthdays with throughout the year has informed me they'll be disappointed if they don't each receive their own cake! I just hope I can keep coming up with new ideas.

In case you're wondering, I've also been knitting and felting. Just a couple more quick little bags for fun.

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The orange/brown/pink creation turned out a bit wild for my taste...reminds me somehow of a carnival. I added the ruffle to the top just to try the technique, but I think it might have been more effective on a less *busy* bag. My daughter loved it, though, so maybe it's right for a teen.

The other is yet another buttonhole bag--I haven't made one in a while, so it was fun again. I especially like the brown/kiwi color combo.

Now, back to the abandonded *second sock* in the Socks that Rock yarn. It's nearly done...I just need to focus. After that, it's on to the Green Gable top.


sue-hoo said...

Love Love Love the Keyhole bag!!! That little flower is perfect for it, have a pattern?

BTW what is that little charm tha you put on the purses?

Kathy said...

Great stuff -- those cakes are adorable -- I also really love hearts.

Karen said...

I love your bags...what patterns do you use? I think I am addicted to making felted bags! Is that possible?!? Mostly I just make it up as I go along although I just bought two Noni purse patterns.

Your choice of color combinations are amizing!

goodkarma said...

The cupcakes are so precious! And yay, more fun bags!

Jamie said...

I just love your creations!
They inspire me to dust off my craft room and start creating.

Sherri said...

I like the addition to the buttonhole bag, and your ruffled top tote looks similar to the one I just made from a free pattern from Kraemer yarns!!

Leslie said...

Sue, the rose was a quick knit...cast on 25 (I think), knit a couple of rows, then kfb of every stitch for the next two rows and bind off. Roll the knitting up, sew together and felt! The charm says "Love" and was part of a mixed bag of charms I found at Hobby Lobby.