Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring break felting

Image hosting by PhotobucketMore felting has been going on around here, but this time it's my daughter's project. She hasn't done a lot of knitting--just a couple of scarves--but wanted to try something with an end result that was a little more interesting to her.

So a couple of months ago, we were at a nearby LYS and Miss Em chose this turquoise Lamb's Pride bulky and Crystal Palace Squiggle. We looked at lots of patterns but I finally decided we could just wing it. I should have made notes about how many stitches we cast on, but I'm guessing it was 50 or 60.

She worked diligently at the beginning, then her interest waned until last week when I was close to finishing another bag I've been working on. Suddenly she was interested in finishing so we could both felt our projects over the weekend, which was just the motivation needed.

We hadn't made plans regarding the strap or handles, but it just dawned on me that these bamboo handles could be very cute, and save the agony of knitting miles of i-cord. Our local Hobby Lobby had the handles and necessary hardware for just a little over $5, which I thought was a great price. Now the little bag is ready for its springtime debut!

Oh, and yes, my bag was felted also. I'm just waiting for the handles I've ordered to arrive, then I'll post a little show and tell!


Jan said...

Cute bag! I think these handles are a much nicer choice than I-cord. (And I've always secretly loved Squiggle. I've a few skeins in the stash!)

Scoutj said...

Oh fun!!! I love sguiggle. The next time you do one like this look for the Ironstone Gumdrops. It is soooo cool in a felted bag!

Not a great picture to show it off.

amy said...

another great felted bag! she did a great job! can't wait to see yours. where did you order handles from? i have been on the lookout for something a little more interesting than what i can find in the stores around here.

so was the tiramisu as delicious as it looked? :)

amanda said...

I hope she's proud -- it looks great!

Carrie said...

What a great new bag for Spring!
She did a great job!

sarah said...

Ooh I love that turquoise bag! Bamboo handles definitely the best choice. Will be posting one similar in pink soon on my blog: