Thursday, March 23, 2006


Twenty-one years ago today, we looked like this.

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It's hard to believe how the time has flown by! We look so young in that photo, and we certainly didn't know all that would lie ahead. We are very blessed.

Tonight I'm making a special dinner for us, with these as the table centerpiece.

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And I couldn't resist buying this key lime tart Whole Foods for dessert.

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It's gonna be a great way to kick off year number 22!


Scoutj said...

Congratulations to YOU!

Lisa P said...

21 years? Wow! Congrats!

Go buy yourself some yarn (so says she who uses any excuse she can to justify yarn purchases). ;)

Jan said...

Congratulations to you both and many more!!

Carole said...

Happy Anniversary! You do look like a couple of kids!

bethanie said...


Vicki said...

Quite an accomplishment. And such a sweet picture. Hope you had (are having) a lovely night :)

Rain said...

Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations. I hope you have many more happy years to come.

PlazaJen said...

Happy Anniversary, Leslie! What a sweet picture - and I would NEVER have guessed you're even old enough to have been married 21 years! Congratulations & here's to 21 more.... :)

zibibbo said...


21, wow! And yes yes, I second the yarn purchase idea ;)

Alyssa said...

Coming out of lurkdom to wish you a Happy Anniversary! (and that dessert looks fabulous).

thedirtyknitter said...

Late congrats on your anniversary! i just saw that you made tiramisu a while back - ooohhh...looks so good! i found a great recipe in cooking light years ago - and have lost it...but i do know that it is really Italian - a friend of mine from italy sent me her family recipe - here you go! of my favorite desserts!

here's the recepie of the real italian tiramis├╣:

You need:

- 5 egg yolks

- 5 spoons of powdered white sugar

- 750 grams of mascarpone

- 1/4 liter of whipped cream

- 1 little case of powder of vanilla flavour

- the white part of the 5 eggs and you have to whip it ( I hope you'll understand...)

- a big bowl of espresso coffee

- 2 spoons of rum

- 3 spoons of powdered white sugar to add to the coffee

- a big pack of biscuits "savoiardi" ( it would be better if you'd go to an italian store to get what you need....)


You beat the 5 egg yolks with the 5 spoons of sugar, you should whip 'em for 15 minutes.
Then you add the mascarpone and melt everything softly. Add the whipped cream softly. Add the vanilla
powder and the whipped white part of the eggs, always very softly and carefully. Everything has to be perfectly melted and foamy. Here's the cream to put in the fridge. Then you have to soak the biscuits in the coffee mixed with the sugar and the rum. Put it in a container and you do a layer with the biscuits, then you extend the cream on top and a little bit of cocoa and you repeat the same thing for two other times. On top you can put a lot of cocoa and a little bit of powdered cinnamon. Leave it in the fridge for at least 3 hours before eating it.