Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Halfway there!

This weekend I finally finished the first Trekking #100 sock. (A little concert knitting never hurts!) Anyway, now that the first half of the pair is off the needles, I'm motivated to fly through the second so I can wear these babies.

Image hosting by Photobucket

It seems every sock knitter around has used this Trekking colorway...I didn't know I was so *in* when I chose it! I wonder if there's a Flickr group just for Trekking socks?...

As for other craftiness, here's a small project I did for a package for my daughter's birthday. It was created somewhat on the fly, and I would have done some things differently given more time. But next time I can use some of my other ideas.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I used one of my favorite photos, taken on her first birthday. I first tried a photo transfer technique that didn't work. I'm guessing that ink jet copies don't work the same as traditional photocopies. Has anyone else tried this? I think I'll make a trip to Kinko's to make some copies and experiment for future projects.

I also created another felt birthday cake for a friend last week (pink and brown!) but forgot to photograph it before it was gifted. Rats! I may try to borrow it back sometime for a photo session soon.


Jan said...

You're right. Inkjet copies don't work with that technique, but photocopies from Kinko's will. Looking forward to seeing your next try!
The sock looks great. Must get back to mine soon.

Vicki said...

What a sweet tag! And an adorable picture :)

amanda said...

Your sock looks great! That tag is adorable -- I'm sure she cherishes it!

Emily said...

I have to try Trekking! Is it true that the colors never repeat? Your tag is really cute - I love paper crafts!

abby said...

I *so* love that colorway. I really need to get myself some.

may said...

thanks for that link! I've been searching for transfer techniques for a sculpture project I'm working on.

Another cool technique you could try is acrylic transfer. You take a photocopy or laser jet print, then coat the front with acrylic gel medium (or gloss/ matte medium) Do about 3-5 coats (let it dry in between) When it's completely dry, turn it over, wet the entire sheet, and rub the paper away. The image is basically stuck to the medium! When all the paper is completely gone, coat the back with more medium and adhere it to whatever you want (paper, metal, ceramic) I've used this technique in paintings before. Very cool! If I didn't make much sense, I'm sure you can find a tutorial online! :D

ChelleC said...

I love those Trekking 100 socks. Very nice. And I agree that they would have been too "busy" with the Jaywalker pattern. The pattern would have been overshadowed by the pretty yarn.

Once again, it looks like I'm going to be ripping out my Jaywalkers and starting over. The fit is the main problem. Can't get it "just right" and am now considering going to Cascade Fixation so I can get enough stretchiness in the heel to get it on comfortably.