Thursday, January 26, 2006

Happy no-cal birthday

I gave up a couple hours of my knitting time yesterday to make this little felt cake for a friend's birthday. I found the tutorial a while back on Craftster, and yesterday I had the time to actually give it a try.

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Isn't it cute? It was very easy to make, too. I enjoy handsewing, and this was a very low-stress way to spend a couple of hours. I had the felt in my craft closet, so I was able to get going without the usual trip to the craft store! I also had the beads, which I added to the sides and the strawberry, although I wished I had a much smaller beading needle so I could use some tiny ones in the bead stash.

This will go on top of my wrapped gift when I present it to my friend next week. Next time, I may try one about half this size--this one's about three inches in diameter and two inches tall, not counting the strawberry topper. Somehow the cuteness factor seems to increase as the size of these little projects decreases!


Carole said...

That is absolutely adorable! But seems like it would take a great deal of patience.

amanda said...


BAM said...

Looks great, I bookmarked that tutorial...what a fun idea!

Jamie said...

Love it!
My girlfriend has a birthday in the coming week and I think this might just have to make the cut.

Sam said...

Im jealous of you! Ive tried to make a cake like that, for a birthday present. Well afet a while the handsweing got a bit tedious and it just wasnt looking right. Its still not done! Awesome job :)

biteme said...

That is so adorable! Awesome work! :D