Sunday, December 18, 2005

In my own little corner

I was recently tagged by Scout for this somewhat different knitting meme. She wants to see where all of us actually do this thing we call "knitting." I wish I could say I'd been doing lots of it lately, but the Christmas rush has caught me and I've been spending far too little time in this chair. When I do have a spare minute, though, this is where you'll usually find me.

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On the ottoman you'll see my just-finished project...the ubiquitous Ruffle scarf from Scarf Style. I started this back in the summer, got bored with it, and finally forced myself to finish so I can gift it this Christmas. To the left of the chair (hidden by the arm) is a small antique stool with peeling paint, that serves as a space to pile a dozen or so knitting books. To the right of the chair is one of my smaller knitting totes, that usually holds the most current project and goes with me in the car when I head out to drive the kids to one of their many activities. Right now it holds the Irish Hiking scarf that's supposed to be my dad's Christmas gift...that one's the hot one right now.

This comfy chair faces both the television (good for mindless knitting) and the fireplace, which has been used quite a lot in recent weeks. The Christmas tree has a place of honor in front of the window in the room right now--actually where this chair is usually placed. Things will move back again after the holidays are over.

So now that I've shown you my me yours! You know you want to.


Carole said...

Hi Leslie,
thanks for showing your space! I'm enjoying this meme.

Scoutj said...

Now there's one comfy chair! No laptop on the ottoman though? ;)

Thanks for playing!

goodkarma said...

I'm in love with your chair/ottoman combo. It looks so comfy and inviting! Good luck with the last bits of holiday knitting. :)

Rach said...

that looks so comfy! i either knit at the computer, in bed or on our really uncomfortable sofa. i'm very jealous of your chair.