Sunday, November 27, 2005

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

My knitting projects are small these days. Scarves, hats, baby stuff. I'm not knitting Christmas gifts for everyone this year, just a couple of people. Mostly because I was out of ideas for certain people...the projects that seem fitting for each have been done.

I did recently finish this little baby gift, knit from a pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I got the book from the library a few weeks ago, but may have to put it on the Christmas list for myself.

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I liked the color combination shown in the book, so I decided to copy it. I didn't used the recommended yarn (couldn't find it locally) but went with Frog Tree Alpaca instead. It's very soft, although maybe gives a little less "structure" than a different yarn might. Once again, no baby to model this, but you get the idea.

In other fiber news, I recently snagged this beautiful hank of yarn at a local fiber arts sale.

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No matter how I photographed this hand-dyed hank, it was impossible to show all the colors it contains. For some reason, I keep thinking of it as mermaid hair! It's superwash wool, and I think it's destined for another Clapotis. I keep telling myself I can't wind it or start knitting until the small Christmas gifts are done. That will be my reward in a few weeks!

Now, back to my regularly scheduled gift knitting...ruffle scarf and Irish Hiking scarf, here I come!


Blair said...

That hat is so cute, nice job. I look at things like that and wish I had a baby around me to knit for! I've been resisting that book since the day it came out, but I think it may finally have to go on my Christmas list.

Vicki said...

So cute! Of course the combo of pink and brown gets me every time. And it must be just insanely soft with that alpaca.

amanda said...

i love the pink/brown combo! the little miss has some brown tweed pants and a pink shirt and i'd make her wear it everyday if i could!

the yarn looks great--bet those colors will show up better once you start knitting clapotis :O)

Suzanne said...

THe hat looks wonderful. Brown with any pastel is so pretty. I was looking at that pattern you think the back seams are too bulky? I can't tell from the photo how it's ultimately constructed. Lovely work!

Jane said...

I loved that hat, too, but my three are a little old. Can't see Thomas in one. Glad you like the pudding hats - thanks for your comment.