Saturday, August 06, 2005

Not much to show

I've been doing lots but seem to have nothing to show for it. Ever have that happen? The kids will be returning to school in a couple of weeks, so we've been shopping for school suppplies and clothes. Do you know how long it takes to find just ONE pair of jeans to fit a 12-year-old girl who's very tall and thin? I hope this pair holds out, 'cause it may be the one-and-only. Yikes! We're also finalizing fall activities and schedules, and as I do that I'm finding the peaceful summertime feeling slipping away as the impending stress of the new school year looms ahead.

So I *have* been knitting, but it's the mindless, sit-in-front-of-the-TV variety that isn't very interesting to show in progress. With that in mind, I'll borrow a technique from others in blogland and show you just a bit of the WIP that's been keeping my hands busy at night. Anyone care to guess what it will be?

Image hosted by

My biggest fear at this point is running out of yarn before I'm done. Only more time in front of the tube will tell...


strangelittlemama said...

an afghan? Lovely color combination!!

Jane said...

I think afghan, too. I really like the colors a lot.

Leisel said...

I have a 7 year old who is very tall for her age and skinny as a bean pole. One place I've been able to find jeans for her is Target. They have a style that has elastic in the waist with slits in it... you just pull the elastic and slip the appropriate slit over a button. This is all internal... they don't LOOK like elastic waist jeans at all.

They might carry the same style for older girls, too (I think it's catching on... I found some with the same feature when looking for boys pants for my son at Walmart).


Donna said...

We ordered the school supplies from the school at the end of last year--not really a price savings, but certainly convenient to write one check and get the works without having to go shopping!

As for clothes, we've not begun. My daughter can still wear shorts and t-shrits for the next month or more. When it comes time for jeans, we'll head to Gap outlet store. Gap jeans are the only ones we could find to fit her last year.

PlazaJen said...

Well, I won't guess because I actually know, having seen it "live!" But I love the colors.... that's the yarn from KnitPicks, right? Are you liking working with it? Hope to see you at knitnight sometime soon!