Sunday, May 15, 2005

Charmed, I'm sure

My blog-hopping this week led me to some fun shopping sites, as I mentioned before. I especially love looking at hand-made jewelry, and I'm attracted to things that are a little quirky or unusual.

On my browsing journey, I came across some great necklaces made with vintage charms. Suddenly, I remembered some vintage charms I'd purchased a couple of years ago on ebay. They're different shapes and sizes of Scottie and Westie dogs, all plastic, all very cute. So I decided to take one of the charms, combine it with some beads, and try it out on a necklace similar to the ones I'd seen.

A visit to Urban Arts and Crafts today gave me the components I needed. A suede choker, some glass beads and assortment of plastic hearts, leaves and such. After a little experimenting, here's the combination I settled on.

Image hosted by

Pretty cute for just a few dollars' investment, eh? I'm not sure it merited all the time I spent, but it was fun nevertheless. Beading is something I could definitely become hooked on. Unfortunatley, it cuts into the knitting I better stick with one addiction for now!


Vicki said...

Very cute! I love me some beading, but I find it a good combination with knitting as I mostly only make stitch markers. They're fairly quick and easy, very useful, and still can be cute as anything.

Jenn said...

I love that necklace! adorable!!

Jane said...

That's a lovely charm necklace. Glad you liked the Clapotis - and I thought I was the last person in Knitblogland to make one!