Thursday, May 19, 2005

From blankie to bunny

When my nephew, Luke, was born almost three years ago, I made a soft, squishy blanket for him that he completely latched onto. It was knit from Trendsetter "Blossom" and was the softest thing you've ever touched.

Now I was a very new knitter, and didn't really consider that the yarn wasn't designed to be washed in a washing machine. However, as babies will do, the little guy managed to spit up and slobber quite a bit on the blanket, so into the washer it went--many times! Keep in mind, also, that Luke is the youngest of seven kids, so time for handwashing anything is pretty much non-existent.

Today, the blanket is still a favorite, altlhough I looks a lot like a dirty gray dishrag, and nothing like its former self. My sister says he will *not* give up his favorite blankie, no matter what. Accept no substitutes! (She tried to sneak another in, but he wouldn't have it.)

So in honor of his upcoming birthday, I dedided to make this out of the very same yarn.

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Another Kate Gilbert bunny! This yarn seemed to be a natural for the pattern, and I happened to have two balls left after knitting the blanket three years ago. I kept thinking there must be something great to knit with it...and I think this was it!

I gave the bunny to my sis today, to be passed along to Luke in a couple of weeks on his birthday. She loved it, and is hopeful that it might become a replacement--at least on certain occasions--for the gray dishrag blanket he now favors. It'll be interesting to see how that goes!


Carole said...

Leslie, that bunny is adorable. I love the color and the texture!

Vicki said...

It looks great! It might work, I've heard that you can ween a kid off their blankie by giving them a little square of it to take around. Surely a cute bunny would work even better :)

amanda said...

what a great bunny and a great idea to use the yarn you made his blanket with. i think he'll love it!

amy said...

good thing i read your post. i was about to do a baby blanket in that yarn :) i tend to forget about the need for practicality in baby knits. i just go, oohhh that is soft, and think it is ok! i am all about the pretty, not the practical :)

Leslie said...

Amy, the sad thing is, all the fuzzy part comes off, and eventually all the color bits, too, and you're left with a very unattractive blanket!