Saturday, April 09, 2005


Today was the big day. People were standing in line. Making their lists, checking them twice. Waiting patiently for 9 a.m. to roll around. Because that was the official start of the *sale* at the Yarn Shop. I'm talkin' about their first-ever, 25%-off-everything-in-the-store sale. Yippee!

I don't usually buy a lot of yarn or gadgets at once. I'm actually a very conservative shopper, buying only what I need at the time. But I made an exception for the chance to get some deals.

Here's what came home with me today.

Image hosted by

Wow, talk about stash enhancement! This is a major haul for me. As you can see, I picked up some Lamb's Pride for felting--naturally! Also some Lorna's Laces and Cherry Tree Hill for making socks. A ball of fuzzy white Plush by Berroco, for another Kate Gilbert bunny. And a skein of the Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed to make the new Branching Out scarf from the spring issue of Knitty. I also splurged on two pair of Addis for making the socks, as well as an extra-long Addi for trying some of the new moebius techniques that are now on my list.

Whew! The shopping was exciting, the reviewing at home even more so. Now I think I need to go lie down--until I get enough strength to pick up those needles to get knitting!


Anonymous said...

wow you did a great shopping trip! love the l.l sock wool,what colour did you get?
eartn mother said...

great yarn. great colors. love that sock yarn!

abby said...

In love with the Lambs pride...what a fun yarn haul!

Vicki said...

Aaah! I'm so jealous. I so wanted to go there (even though I know it was a zoo and I wouldn't have made it there before 9 for sure), but alas the tax refund hasn't shown up yet. I was SOO hoping it'd show up Friday so I could have some yarn shopping fun. You got some great stuff :)

strangelittlemama said...

ooooh, that peachy-pink yarn looks delicious, like sorbet!

Leslie said...

Cara, the Lorna's Laces (pink/peach) is called Lucky Stripe, color #312. The Cherry Tree Hill is a colorway called Cabin Fever.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

Gorgeous stash. Have you seen the elongated triangle scarf in Melville's book (can't remember if it was Knit or Purl)... a little yarn goes a fairly long way on that. I think the answer to not-enough-yarn for a whole sweater is contrast... either different collar and sleeves or stripes...... good luck.