Monday, April 04, 2005

Ruffles have ridges

Last week I needed to get out of the house. *Needed* to buy some new yarn. Needed something that wasn't wool. So I went to the Yarn Shop and came home with this.

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It's Classic Elite Premiere, a cotton/tencel blend that's very soft. It's also the recommended yarn for the Ruffles scarf from Scarf Style. I got this book as a Christmas gift from my husband. Unfortunately, after Christmas I was a little burned out from all the holiday gift knitting, so I set it aside. Last week, however, in an effort to find a new project that does NOT involved felting, I picked up the book again and remembered how much I like this scarf.

This is the progress I've made so far.

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You'll notice I'm knitting on bamboo straight needles, something I rarely do. My knitting friend Abbey advised I'd be sorry if I tried this pattern on circs--my tool of choice--because of all the short rows and constant turning. So it's taken a little getting used to, but so far, so good! It's an easy pattern to memorize and fun to watch as the ruffles form. My daughter was especially excited about this one, so it might end up in her closet when all's said and done.


amy said...

that yarn is lovely. i saw that at a lys a few weeks back and just couldn't figure out what to use it for (like that usually stops me!).

i bought knit picks yarn for the ruffle scarf (andean silk in black) but haven't started yet. thanks for the tip about the needles!

Anonymous said...

I got the scarf style book for xmas from my husband too.The ruffle scarf is really pretty and I do have that on my 'to-do'list,when I get to it I don't know.can't wait to see it finished
earth mother

Ann said...

What a lovely color! That scarf is totally addictive knitting.

Megan said...

I tried to start the ruffle scarf using some yarn from my stash - I don't know what I was thinking, I only had enough for a 2-foot scarf. Silly me. I'm thinking of trying again in mohair - there's a similar pattern in the most recent Vogue knitting using mohair yarn that looks really great. Your progress so far looks fabulous - great lime sherbet color.

Kary said...

wonderful scarf ... it is on my list to do too!!

Joan said...

I love the color. I have some Premiere in a sort of southwest peachy color which would go with nothing I have but the scarf still intrigues me. In fact, I like most of the scarves in the book. Yours looks great!

Laura said...

Hey there. I am a fellow midwest knitter. I saw that the Yarn Shop is in downtown OP Kansas. I've lived in Iowa for 10 years now but I went to elementary school and middle school in OP. What a great place to live! I went to Dorothy Moody Elementary. Do you know where that is?

Danielle said...

I am starting the Ruffles scarf tonight- I can't wait!! BTW, your website banner is so cute!