Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sure signs of spring

Spring is on the way! How do I know?

By the appearance of these.

Image hosted by

And these.

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I'm so excited about both...but I must confess, the shoes are getting more of my attention. They're Crocs (as you can see by the label on the strap) and they're as soft and cushy as house slippers. The color selection is great, the price is right, and they're perfect for spring. What more could a girl want...except maybe another pair?

5 comments: said...

cool flowers. love ths crocs. great color.

Lauren said...

Ah, those shoes are adorable! I wish it would turn springy here! Soon soon.

Have a great week!


Anonymous said...

lucky you I still have snow where I am
earth mother

Anonymous said...

Those are the most wonderfully amazingly fun shoes I've ever seen. I've been meaning to ask - is that a bedlington terrier in your title graphic? I keep thinking it's a sheep, but I finally realized today that it might actually be a dog. And yay for crocuses! (Crocii?)


Leslie said...

Abby, it actually is a sheep in my blog banner. I have three little antique German sheep (maybe two inches tall?) and that's just a head shot of one of them. Could easily be mistaken for a Bedlington terrier...but I actually own a Westie!