Friday, March 11, 2005

The madness is over

The Bonkers sock saga is finally at an end. I finished the second sock (on two circs!) last night and they're warming my feet today. Take a look.

The "formal" shot.

Image hosted by

The "action" shot.

Image hosted by

Ahhh...these are comfy. My only *teensy* complaint is that these are a bit thick for some of my shoes. So, I'll just have to choose the footwear carefully on the days I want to wear them. Otherwise, I love the color and the finished product. I think I'll be in the pink quite often!


Anonymous said...

pretty colour.what kind of yarn is it?
earth mother

linda said...

Your socks look wonderful. I need to look into the Bonkers yarn.

Leslie said...

Cara, it's superwash mini merino in a color called Flamingo Fest by Bonkers. Here's a link:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the link!

Judy said...

You're socks look great, and now I'm inspired to knit socks. Which is good cuz I have a few pair to knit for various peeps. Speaking of peeps, those bunnies are adorable. Have you seen my bunny?