Thursday, February 24, 2005

Library love

I love the library. You just walk in the door, settle down next to the large selection of (knitting) books, and browse away. And when you find something you like, you don't have to worry about the can borrow the book for FREE! Such a wonderful concept.

I was killing time at the library last night while my son was at his saxophone lesson. As usual, I headed straight for the knitting section (well, there really isn't an entire section, but there are two or three shelves of knitting books). I'm usually a bit disappointed because, by now, I've seen most of what's there. Last night I didn't have high hopes, but then I came across this book.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this one before, but maybe gave it only a cursory glance. The cover seemed familiar...yet I decided to look again. Most of what was there didn't interest me. Until I saw this.

Oh, yeah...another felted bag I NEED to make. It's called "Carried-Away Felted Bag." I fell in love with it. The shape. The colors. The fuzzy yarn. Wow. This is definitely on "the list" now.

I especially love the pale blue and brown (black?) combination. Anyone ever heard of Fiesta Yarn Kokopelli? That's what the yarn is,(60% kid mohair, 40% wool) and darned if I've ever seen it anywhere. The fuzz factor reminds me a lot of Lopi, and I'm sure some substitution could easily be done. I do love the color, though. Time to do some 'net surfing to see what I can find!


Anonymous said...

what a cute bag! I love getting knitting books from the library too,more money for yarn then ;0)
earth mother

amanda said...

darlin' little bags! and yes, i've seen the yarn on some website but can't remember which. and i've tagged you for a tv meme btw... let me know if you find that yarn or something suitable to sub.

Rossana said...

That's one of my fave patterns in the whole book. I don't know why, but I completely gravitated toward it. Looking forward to seeing your felted bag! =)

Heather said...

What an adorable bag! I may have to hunt down that book for myself once I'm done a few projects. Gotta love the library :) A woman in my knitting meetup group had never bought a knitting book in her life, she just takes them out of the library when she needs one :)

aubree said...

those bags are a must-knit!! i live in New Mexico, home of Fiesta Yarns! They have an outlet store here in town, but they don't ship from there. Their website has a shop finder and you might be able to find a shop near you that way (or else one that will ship to you!) good luck!!

Hannah said...

A friend of mine knitted this bag and it is very cute! She knit it with Cascade Pastaza and got the same "fuzzy" effect. It was a beautiful bag. It is on my list of things to knit this year too. Good Luck.

xtina said...

I bought that book just so I could have that pattern, though I've yet to knit it. I've seen Kokopelli at my local yarn's really nice, it's like $20 a hank. Since the pattern also calls for Lamb's Pride Worsted...I don't think anything would make me use the Kokopelli except for that color, plus with that high mohair content it seems like it would be way fuzzy.