Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Together at last

The long-awaited day is here! I finally finished the mate to the Regia sock I knit months ago. And this time they're actually the same size.

Here's a shot of the happy pair

And the first time on my feet

They look great with jeans, yes? (The most-often-worn item in my wardrobe!)

Technically, this pair is actually the second and third socks I've ever knit. The first one was knit carefully per the instructions, but I didn't like the fit. A little baggy, too long in the cuff and a toe I didn't like. So I knit the second one with modifications--on size 0 bamboo DPNs!--and once I knew I liked it, the original was frogged and became the mate to the second one. Got all that?

Anyway, I wore these for the first time today and I'm very pleased with how they fit and how they feel. I'm inspired now to cast on for another pair...and I have the perfect yarn waiting in the wings. I'll show you later!


Jo said...

Those are awesome! I like that yarn and how they look with jeans. They actually look like twins, how about that!

Kristin said...

Hurrah! They're gorgeous! Come on a sock binge with me, won't you? I'm obsessed.

sturdygirl said...

Love your socks, Leslie! I always feel it's a triumph to finish a whole pair. I'm wondering about the Irish Hiking Scarf - it's probably not reversible, but does it look neat on the back as well?

Lisa P said...

Those socks look great! And yes, they look perfect with jeans.

helen said...

so nice!! what pattern did you use?

Felicia from sweetgeorgia said...

Wow! What beautifully matched socks! What did you do to get the stripes to line up?!?! I'm knitting my second Regia sock but have thrown "matching the pattern" to the wind!