Wednesday, January 19, 2005


What I'm about to show you is the equivalent of a rerun. You're probably wishing I'd show some new, exciting project, instead of something I've knit before. Well, this is all I have to show today, and I do love it. The first was gifted to a friend at Christmas...and now I've made it again, for me!

It's the infamous multidirectional diagonal scarf, knit with two skeins of Noro Blossom. Just knit 'till it's (almost) gone, add a ruffle to each end, and voila! Instant warmth.

This is a great gift scarf because it goes fast, yet the pattern is a bit more interesting than a basic garter or stockinette scarf. The Noro lends itself especially well to this pattern, making the neat triangles of color.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming!


zibibbo said...

I love this pattern. I think it knits up faster than just plain old garter anyways AND the ruffle is a perfect finishing touch!

strangelittlemama said...

oh! That is the best one I've seen! Love love love the ruffles.
Your blog is inspiring me & I already have too many projects! Yikes!

Willa said...

I've been knitting these scarves, but had never thought of a ruffle. How did you do it? I picked up stitches across and then increased one in every stitch, but it doesn't really *ruffle,* it's just wider ... I've done it and ripped it out twice now, so I thought I'd ask. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie ~~

I have only been knitting a few months now, I love it, and, your scarf with the ruffles!! I have found the scarf directions but how do you make the ruffle? the only stitches I know so far are knit,purl. Can you help me??

Robin said...

Hi Lesli,
I love your multidirectional scarf and also some of your felted bags. Where did you find the directions for the "pink lady" bag?
I'm of course into way too many projects , but after a winter of making many scarves I'm looking to make bags. I made 1 and can't wait to make others!

Leslie said...

The pattern for the Pink Lady bag--and LOTS of others--can be found on this site: