Saturday, January 22, 2005

In a sock panic

So I'm working along on my Bonkers socks, and I have a sinking feeling in my stomach. Same pattern as my previous pair--basic 56-stitch, cuff-down sock--but something's not right. I turn the heel, start down the foot of the sock, and to my dismay, I see this.

Yikes! Do you see what I see? Very little yarn left, that's what I think! Doesn't seem nearly enough for another nine inches or so of knitting. Now what?

A. Head down, keep going, deny that I'm going to run out.
B. Frog the sock, start again with a shorter cuff or toe-up.
C. Look for another yarn with which to knit the toe (would that make enough difference?)
D. Start again on larger needles, hope to use less yarn that way.
D. Other suggestions?

The obvious, of course, is to buy a third hank and just keep going in peace. I've tried to contact the studio where this yarn was hand-dyed, but haven't heard back yet. So until I get some kind of response...on to another project?


Donna said...

Lovely yarn! I hope you can get the third ball. If not, maybe try to find a complementary solid and perhaps work striped socks or do the toes and heels in your pretty handpainted?

PlazaJen said...

I think you keep knitting & see exactly how far it will take you. If it gets you nearly to the toes, you can knit the toe in a complimentary color. (and you can be like Lucy Neatby & have two different socks, if you're feelin' Cah-RAY-zay.) Or, you can rip out the other toe and make it to match. OR, if it's not taking you close to the toe (though I think it will), you can start knitting off the other sock (letting it unravel) until they're the same length & then finish (again with the complimentary color.) All of this said based on not being able to get a third ball. How angst-creating! Knitting's not s'posed to be stressful!
Good luck!

amanda said...

i'm voting that you keep trucking along on the sock and if you do indeed run out of yarn, choose another color for the toe. that'll give the sock some added character and the poor sock needs it, she spends so much time hiding in your shoe, a little pizzazz would do her right. btw, love your banner! did you design it? very clever...

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already decided what to do, I would vote for ripping back just to the start of the heel and then doing the heel and toe in a contrasting color. I'm a sucker for socks like that - and I think it would look smashing on your sock, maybe in a brown that matches the flecks of color in the yarn...?

Either way, good luck! It looks great.
-Sandy J