Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I really am knitting...

I just don't have much new to show you! I know, totally boring blog without new posts and pics. My time has been consumed by my work on Cozy, which is ALMOST done! I have only one more skein of yarn (I think that's about 7 pattern repeats) and I'm home free. Yay! I've loved knitting this shawl, my first-ever lace, but it's taken my attention away from almost every other WIP or potential new project!

However, I have made some progress on the long-suffering Regia sock. Ages ago, I did sock number one, didn't like the result, and started sock number two with several modifications in mind. I'm liking this sock much better!

I'm just starting the toe decreases, so the end is in sight. When it's done, I'll show you the first sock next to the new version. You won't believe how different they are!

In the meantime, I'm flailing aboug looking for the next "fun" project. I just can't seem to settle on anything. I've been tempted to try a Klaralund, but I'm not sure that knitting a sweater is what I want to do. My favorite projects recently have been the ones that are small but teach me some new technique. I'd love to hear from some of you if you've found the perfect little item I should try!


Bookish Wendy said...

Have you tried a multi-directional scarf yet? They're beautiful and you'll become and expert on short-rows. I worked up one of Iris Schreier's and I loved it. There is a pattern for one in the book Exquisite Little Knits (which has a lot of little projects with neat techniques). I'm sure there are patterns other places as well!

Have Fun!

Abbey said...

how about something with cables? Kyra showed me how to do them the other day and they seem simple to do...and I love the way they look.

Karen said...

I second the cables. I think they're so much fun. Do them on a scarf or on a hat (is it Coronet that has the cable band?).

By the way, those little chairs are adorable. Maybe you should knit some little people for the chairs. Or bears! Bears would be cute. Now I'm just rambling.... :)

Mary said...

I'm teaching a co-worker at the office how to knit and chose Wendy Johnson's catnip mouse pattern. This pattern features seed stitch and a central cable. It is also a very small (aka quickly finished) project. Since my friend is also an animal lover, I thought it would be a great project for learning several techniques!

You can find her pattern here:

patti said...

Just wanted to say I am knitting Klaralund right now. It is a beautiful sweater, but if you are wanting to do something with a new technique, then this project wouldn't be what you are looking for. It is an extremely easy sweater! I vote for the cables. If you want an easy sweater with a cable pattern, check out the Simply Marilyn pattern on the Interweave knits website. It has a horseshoe cable on the center of the front and back.

Another idea- intarsia? Or fair isle knitting?

Have fun!