Monday, September 20, 2004

Pink Lady

No, it's not an exotic's a wonderful new felted bag! I found the Pink Lady pattern online at and fell in love with it. Had to have it, even though I've seen SO many patterns. I loved the unique shape of this one.

Even better, this was the fastest knit ever! Knit all in one piece, the only finishing was grafting the handles together at the top. This time I decided to try the Lopi yarn...a bulky yarn, very fuzzy, and one I hadn't knit with before.

The minute the pattern showed up in my mailbox, I cast on. The next day, I finished the bag, felted, and voila! Another fun bag. Here's what it looked like before felting (a sad sack, don't you think?)

And here's the beauty shot--newly-felted, blocked and with the button affixed.

Much better, yes?

Now this one is on its way to a dear friend in Colorado...but its twin (for me) is already on the needles!


Anonymous said...

It looks great with the pewter button! She'll love it!

Holly said...

Too adorable. I have a few "regular" bags in the same, although a bit smaller, and I love the shape, how they hang, easy of putting lots of stuff in despite small size, etc. Post when you complete yours as well!

patti said...

Oh I love that bag! It is so pretty, I bet your friend will just love it!!

Life's a Stitch said...

I have to make that bag! So cute.

Jo said...

I love love love (love!) that bag. I've never felted but I've been dying to lately, and this is really twisting my arm. *sigh*

sturdygirl said...

Your Pink Lady turned out great! I have the pattern and am going to use Lamb's Pride Bulky. I hope it turns out as cute as yours!