Saturday, September 18, 2004

Koigu cuteness

I've been dying to work with Koigu KPPPM, but don't think I'm ready yet to tackle something as awesome as Charlotte. So, I decided to try something a little simpler, yet still interesting, to give as a gift to my neighbor who's expecting her second baby any day now.

Although I have some basic hat patterns on file, I wanted something just a little more challenging, so I started cruising the Internet for all the great patterns that are out there...and I lucked out by finding this one.

Oh, my gosh! As if the photo of that baby wasn't enough, the description--"Makes baby look like tree elf"--made the decision for me right then and there. I grabbed my car keys, headed to my LYS, and came home with one skein of Koigu. Not knowing if the soon-to-arrive baby is a boy or girl, I chose a beautiful multi-colored palette and got to work.

The thing that attracted me to this pattern (after the cute photo) was the lacy, leaf edge border, something new for me and just a little more engaging than a straight stockinette-knit hat. It was fun to knit and see the pattern appear magically out of those stitches.

Here's a close-up of the border in progress.

And here's the finished hat.

Too bad I don't have a cute, chubby baby and a clean garden pot to put him in. But you get the idea! Now go make one for all the adorable, hatless babies in your neighborhood.


M said...

That hat is adorable! You are brave! :)

Anonymous said...

You did a beautiful job with this hat. It made me go out and get some koigu and start one of my own. I just got to the picking up of 96 stitches. I can't seem to come up with 96, how did you do it? What did you pick up? This is making me crazy not being able to figure this out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Amanda