Thursday, September 30, 2004

Pink Lady redux

Just like the Doublemint I have TWO...TWO...TWO Pink Lady bags to show. This is the bag I just finished for myself (the first being a gift). Not much different than the original.

Except for this:

I decided to add a pocket before felting, and it worked great! I cast on 20 stitches, knit a rectangle just a little shorter than the height of the unfelted bag, and whipstitched the pocket to the inside before felting. During the felting process it appeared to be puckering somewhat, but by the time the bag was done, it had all evened out...nothing showing on the outside. I'm keeping this in mind for future projects!


Jo said...

Yay pocket! :) I was wondering how things felted if you added stuff to the inside. THat looks great and it doesn't even look like it shaped different than the other. Fabulous job!

Anonymous said...

Great looking bag! And I think Georgia O'Keefe would be proud of that second photo!

Karen said...

Oh it's SO cute! Great job on that pocket!

Anonymous said...

Hi Leslie,

I came across your site (great site BTW) through Knitty and I've mysteriously fallen in love with your Neopolitan Tote! I'd love to pick your brain about it. My e-mail address is aste(at) , and I hope to hear from you. I couldn't find you e-mail addy on your blog. (My net un-savviness is embarrassing at times)

With Joy,

Holly said...

Ohh - love the pocket. I wanted to do the same on my felted bag, but since I was already using kool-aid dyed wool (1st attempt) and it was my first attempt at a felted project, I didn't want to add a third '1st' to the list! I had no idea how well it would work to sew it in before hand and then felt. Glad to see it worked great, and I'll be adding a pocket or two into my next felted bag!

Gaile said...

Hi there! Found you thru the Knitty site. I love your little pink bag, it's adorable.

Anonymous said...

Another visitor from really like what you did with the Pink Lady bag, and I think your photos look better than what's on the pattern itself! And as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I wanted to let you know that I bought the pattern (only after seeing your FO) and I'm borrowing the "add-a-pocket" idea too. Thanks for sharing!