Saturday, August 14, 2004

Lessons learned...

...from a first sock.

1. I don't like the round toe finish.
2. I prefer a 2x2 rib (this was 1 x 1), and more of it.
3. I prefer a slightly shorter cuff.
4. Even knitting with a smaller needle size (1 1/2) than the pattern called for, the gauge is still too loose.

Seems pretty basic looking at it now, but never having knit a sock before, I just faithfully followed the pattern and this is the result. And although I'm not in love with the finished product (except to say that as my first sock it will always be "special") I learned the basics of sock knitting, and have a good idea how to make a better one.

Having said that, my plan is to knit a second sock, starting with a new ball of yarn and modifications. I'm moving to size 0 needles (eek!) and will try a different ribbing, shorter cuff and toe that's Kitchener stitched together (more of a wedge than round).

If I'm happy with the changes, this first one will undergo an extreme makeover (ribbit, ribbit) and come back transformed into the beautiful sock it was meant to be!

1 comment:

Karen said...

The sock is GREAT! There's always lessons to be learned on doing anything for the first time. I hope that the second sock comes out more to your liking and that it's not so hard to frog the first one. :)