Sunday, August 08, 2004

Sock it to me!

I've been thinking about them. Watching others knitting them. Reading about them. But now--I'm finally KNITTING them (socks, that is!).

For some reason, I've always thought knitting socks looked interesting, but too *hard* for my little brain. Of course, I might still think that way when I get to the heel of the sock. Right now, all I actually have is a tube:

I love the way this Regia yarn makes its own beautiful pattern. It makes me want to keep knitting to see how it will all turn out!

I'm using the beginner mid-weight sock pattern from Knitting Pure & Simple, which I'm told is a good pattern for a first try. Hopefully I'll keep my enthusiasm as I get to the trickier parts. Send all your good sock karma my way, O.K.?


Abbey said...

Go Leslie! It looks great! The heel's not'll do fine.

zibibbo said...

OOH pretty! Still haven't gotten around to socks, I so want to try that self patterning/striping yarn. Good on you! And may your second sock be a breeze :D
Hey! I just noticed you're using the Knitty Blogger blog button..cute!

Karen said...

Yay! The sock is coming along great. Once you get past the heel, which really isn't that bad, it's smooth sailing!

Michelle said...

You're doing a great job of making socks for the first time. Don't worry about the heel, it's the best part!

Karen said...

Leslie, The cables aren't too obvious, unless you're holding the sock and examining them. It's an 8 row repeat, with one row being a C4B and one being a C4F. Because they're alternated, it kinda looks like waves. It's an easy pattern, just annoying to work with the cable needle. :)