Monday, August 16, 2004

Just peachy!

We interrupt this previously-scheduled knitting discussion to bring you something different...

...fresh peach jam!

This is Emily's favorite jam, and usually my mom keeps her in a good supply. However, we decided to try our hand at making some ourselves, as Nana's stash is dangerously low! When peaches showed up at the grocery store for just 97 cents a pound, I decided it was time to buy. We let the peaches ripen in paper bags for a few days, then followed the simple freezer jam recipe on the SURE-JELL box. YUM!

We got six containers (about six cups) from one recipe, which probably won't last too long around here. I'm thinking about making another batch or two, and IF any is still in the freezer at Christmas time, it would make great gifts. A taste of summer in December!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Mmmm...Peach jam. Spread on toast, or an english muffin with some tea...Oh you've made me hungry! :)

In regards to your comment about the cables on the sock, they're on the leg and the top of the foot. It's an 8 round repeat, with both C4F and C4B staggered. Does that make any sense? On the C4B row, it's C4B, K4 for the whole round, and then on the C4F row, it's K4, C4F for the round. So because of the staggering, it kinda looks like waves. I hope I didn't thoroughly confuse you. :)