Monday, February 18, 2013

Out and about

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Another recent meetup with fellow Kansas City Instagrammers provided lots of great eye candy. Since it was a chilly--and extremely windy--February day, we spent our time indoors exploring Union Station. These get-togethers are fun, not only for the photo opps but also for the chance to meet interesting people. If you're a creative spirit (and really, I think most people are), take time time to get to know others who share your creative interests, whatever they are. It can be inspiring, and might just be the jump-start you need to get into the creative groove!

P.S. Look here for information about Instagram meetups; if you don't see one in your area, maybe it's time to organize one on your own!

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Anonymous said...

Leslie, will you be selling any postcards this year? I loved the one you did last year.

Leslie Williams