Friday, November 30, 2012



Morning treats

Autumn view

I'm saying farewell to fall today on this last day of November. Though I know there are technically a few more weeks of autumn that remain, the fact is that we turn the page on the calendar to December tomorrow. And with that, the whirlwind of the holiday season begins! I'm actually ready to embrace the reds and greens, though I've loved the changing colors of autumn.

What did you love most about this fall? And what do you most look forward to in December?


Pam said...

We spent Thanksgiving at the beach in Alabama, and that made for an extraordinary fall. This month, I'm looking forward to spending two weeks with my kids at home with nowhere to be.

Leslie said...

Pam, the beach for Thanksgiving sounds amazing. I love the beach! And having time with kids is one of my favorite things, too. Enjoy!