Thursday, August 18, 2011



The sunny skies and warm temperatures say summer is still here, but the school calendar tells a different story. Public schools are back in session, and for the first time ever I wasn't taking a first-day-of-school portrait of my kids.

Tomorrow is a big day for our daughter as we take her off to college to begin her new life as a freshman. Our son--a college senior!--is settled into his new apartment and ready for a big year, too.

There's nothing like seeing your kids grow up to make you realize how quickly time passes. The house is going to seem very quiet for a while as we adjust to this "new normal." I'll shed some tears for sure, but I know it's all good. We are indeed blessed.


Rani said...

My mom threw a hot tub champagne party when we all finally left! HA! But I know she missed us.

What a big transition. Hang in there and enjoy this time for yourself now!!

chris said...

congratulations on raising two college students! not always easy to do. you should be very proud.

Jane said...

I'm crying for you and myself and I have four more years to go before the first one leaves. It is going by way too fast!

VanityofVanities said...

"There's nothing like seeing your kids grow up to make you realize how quickly time passes."

I don't have kids, but looking unto my brothers and a sister makes me feel emotional upon the memories we had while they are still young. It is forever treasured, you know. Time indeed is so subtle, so treasure those moments for they will never come back again.