Saturday, July 30, 2011


Ocean's giftsColorburst
I'm feeling scattered as a series of changes is looming. It begins today with our son moving from one apartment to another, and culminates in just three short weeks as our daughter moves to the dorm and away from home for the first time.
For me, the lazy days of summer are not so lazy right now. There's so much to do, yet a lot of waiting involved, too (which is not my forte) as events must happen in a particular order. My to-do list is filled with things to buy, things to remember and things to figure out.
Wish me luck as I try to find a little calm in the midst of this whirlwind.


Carole Knits said...

I was in your shoes last year at this time, at least with the daughter going off to college part. You can do this. It's rough at first but it gets easier.

* said...

we can do this. right???
i am right there with ya mama.
hang in there.
4 short weeks. eeep.

jackie said...

i know exactly how you feel :{
scattered with a hint of meloncholy, and a sprinkle of overwhelmed!
hugs and luck in whichever order you need them!