Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hearts a-flutter

HeartfeltHeart garlandSweet love

In the cold, gray days of winter, it's fun to have a little holiday like Valentine's Day to look forward to. Heart garlands, pink-iced sugar cookies, and a vase of pink and white tulips all bring a little smile to my face.

It's not too late to spread a little love around your house, too. Serve a warm drink, string up a garland or paper chain, or make a special card for someone you love. Have fun, keep it simple, and remember to say "I love you!"

P.S. The sugar cookie recipe is from Joy of Cooking and has been a long-time favorite.


Carole Knits said...

We definitely need a shot of red and pink with some chocolate on the side right about now! Happy Valentine's Day!

Rachell Taylor said...

These cookies look fun! I was planning on making some pink here meringues today.

jackie said...

I'm pretty sure I've asked you this before, but when are you opening your own bakery??
love your heart garland!

Lisa said...

Those heart biscuits look lovely! Making me hungry!