Monday, February 28, 2011


My babies

It feels like February just began a couple of days ago, and now we welcome March. Though winter seems long in some ways, at other times the days speed by. My daughter turned 18 over the weekend, a big occasion! And my son will be 21 in just two days. Two milestone birthdays in such a short span of makes my head spin just a bit. Can you believe these two little ones are now adults?

For me, the birthday celebrations each year signal a shift in the seasons, too. I can begin to imagine warmer days, sunny skies, green grass. But with graduation looming and more changes afoot, I think I'll be happy to let time move along at a slower pace...for now.


Carole Knits said...

What adorable little kids they were! The time sure does go by too fast.

cottagecowgirlie said...

You guys have raised such amazing people!

Rani said...

oh look at those two lumps of love. 18 and 21!? Where does the time go? It's amazing. Will you be an 'empty nester' soon?

Happy birthday to all!

Char said...

it does seem to happen in a blink, doesn't it? they are adorable then and i'm sure they are now.

jackie said...

awwwww, i just had a little crying spell myself the other night playing back scenes of littler boys in my mind. what adorable kids you have!
but i'm definitely ready for the shift in seasons!