Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kicking off the holidays

Holiday cards

The holiday season has officially arrived, now that we've said good-bye to Thanksgiving and November is at an end. Today the first snowflakes are flying here, and tomorrow we turn the calendar to the last month of the year.

To help you get into the holiday spirit, I'm offering a limited number of postcard sets for sale. These would be great for your inspiration board, as thank-you notes after the holidays, or maybe even a small gift for a friend. They are printed on heavy card stock and are blank on the back for your personal message. A set of four cards is $8, which includes shipping in the U.S. If you're interested, just send an email to me (the address is in my profile) and I'll be in touch!

In the meantime, take time to bake some cookies, watch a favorite holiday movie, or just enjoy the beauty of the twinkling lights. The holiday traditions are worth savoring!

P.S. You can see more photos of the cards here.


Julianna Koh said...

These are lovely! I can see them used as Christmas greeting cards as part of a box of home-made cookies or cakes.

Rani said...

Isn't it funny how December rolls around and suddenly we're all baking cookies like crazy. Today we made mint chocolate chip cookies. They're already gone, so I guess we'll start up the oven tomorrow (HA HA).

Gorgeous pictures.

jackie said...

Awwww, I felt a breath of the Christmas spirit (minty) pass my way looking at your photos! You have my email address - I would like to buy a set. No etsy shop? You found an easier way to offer your goods?

Side Street Style said...

I love Christmas spirit and this collection of images makes me feel happy and full of the festive cheer. Great blog post

Laura x

Regina said...

Beautiful photos for postcards.

Green Pickles said...

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