Monday, November 22, 2010


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Fall color finally arrived in our part of the country, and not a minute too soon! This weekend I saw lots of Christmas greenery appearing on houses, lamp posts and trees around town, almost hidden in some cases by the surrounding foliage still clinging to the trees. The maple in my back yard is hanging onto its leaves, though I did mow--yes, mow--a lot of leaves this morning with my mulching mower. We'd hoped the leaves would fall this weekend so we could get them mulched and bagged while temps were in the 60s, but the tree wouldn't cooperate. I felt it was mocking me today by raining more leaves down on me while I worked to get the first batch mulched!

So it's Thanksgiving week, and as usual, I don't feel ready. To clarify, I'm not ready for what comes after this week...the onslaught of gift buying and preparation for Christmas that always leaves me exhausted. My lists get longer and more detailed, and I take great pleasure in checking items off when finished.

But before we get to Christmas, we really should enjoy Thanksgiving. I mean, really, who doesn't love a holiday devoted to delicious food? We'll be traveling a couple of hours away to share a meal with my parents and in-laws. I'll be bringing a pumpkin cheesecake, cloverleaf rolls, and this yummy Nantucket cranberry pie. How about you? What foods or activities are you most looking forward to this week?


Char said...

i'm totally jealous of a mulching mower - my brother raked yesterday under our huge oak tree and before he finished another covering was almost completed.

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous photos, as always.

jackie said...

the leaves are mocking you, they are saying ha ha ha Leslie we are going to string this out and make you mow and mulch and rake 5 times instead of just once.
we had sleet and snow yesterday morning when we left for kansas. and right now i'm digesting at least my second piece of pecan pie, not to mention the coconut cake, and chocolate layer cake i ate too.
please tell me how the cranberry pie was? delicious?

commoncents said...

NICE POST! I'm glad I found this blog!!

Common Cents