Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Here and there


I seem to be all over the place these days--literally and figuratively. A couple of trips already, vacation just days away, and a to-do list that's much too long. I am a summer-loving girl, but one thing I miss in the summertime is my routine. One difference this year is that I'm working again part-time, which adds another level of responsibility into the mix. My head is just a little too full right now. It's all good, though. I need to do a better job of remembering that.

P.S. I've been reconnecting with my camera this month and loving it. I'm posting a photo a day for this month here. I'm also enjoying the photos (and words) in this flickr group, some of which end up here.


TARAism said...

The color of that fish is brilliant!

painted fish studio said...

i'm feeling the same way... too much. too little time. but the overload does help me manage my time a little better, for as much as i hate being so busy! enjoy summer while we have it!

Jan said...

The colors in the fish photo are just exquisite. Your photos are amazing.

Rani said...

Just gorgeous!

When you stop to take the time to see those images, this must be a calming, peaceful moment for you. It is for me, just looking at your photos.

Thanks for sharing those!

Char said...

i know about the feeling of missing summer due to work. it's rushing past and i can't find the time to celebrate it.

Anonymous said...

All your photos are just beautiful!

Kyra said...

You should publish a calendar. I would buy one.