Saturday, December 05, 2009


Fir cones
Peace in the village
Vintage shine

Just popping in to share some images from the week. I've been hauling out the holly (so to speak) and I think I'm about finished with the decorating. Time to move on to gifts! I need to order prints of some photos, do a little online shopping, and generally organize my plan for gift-giving. We're trying to scale back a bit but still give something meaningful to our family members. Can you relate? I'm also on the hunt for cookie recipes. I'd love to try some new ones this year, along with the family favorites. Send me your ideas!


Rachell Taylor said...

I understand the scaling back completely. This year, I am doing mostly prints, or paintings for gifts.

As for cookies, make a basic chocolate chip dough, but rather than use dark chocolate, use white and add dried cranberries to the mix. Sooo yummy. I've also played around with red velvet cookies at work which turned out well. Sorry I don't have recipes, I make LARGE batches for the whole week.

Lorie McCown said...

I agree as well, only the things I love love.. your photos are so inspiring.. start the decorations tomorrow for me!

Jackie said...

Love your holiday photos! I have a whole slew of magazine cookie recipes I've torn out and never tried. Maybe I'll try them this year and if they turn out share them with you (for next year).

a friend to knit with said...

LOVE your new header!!!
i haven't even come close to finishing my shopping.... and something meaningful will be so lovely... (i'm over all the legos i have to buy!) :)