Thursday, December 17, 2009

Counting down

Holiday blur
Santa would love these

Oh, my. One look at the calendar and my heart starts to beat a little faster. How can it be that Christmas is just eight days away? I've made tons of progress yet I never feel completely ready. Does that happen to you?

Starting this weekend it will be time to wrap all the gifts, do some serious baking, and prepare to travel. It will all come together--it always does--but time just seems to speed up during the holiday season. My biggest regret is not making more time for crafting. Sigh. Maybe after Christmas I'll choose a project and devote some time to it.

By the way, I have just 15 days left in my 365 project. Woo-hoo! I'm thinking hard about how to wrap it up. Any ideas for a big finish photo?

P.S. If you're looking for a new cookie recipe, try this one. You won't be sorry.


Char said...

yay for 15 more days - i always admire people that do them because it is such a commitment.

love the photos.

jackie said...

Yes, frantic here, but your photos do spread the Christmas spirit. Love the glass in the middle photo! I think you should do something with the number 365 for your last photo. Can't think of what, but something involving people or parts of people. Holding numbers or forming numbers - that's my two cents.

Regina said...

ok, I finally made the cookies. they are amazing! Most of the dough is still in the fridge so I don't eat too many at once. ;)