Sunday, August 09, 2009

Dog days of summer

August sky
A long day

I can't believe we're well into August and I haven't stopped by this space to say "hi." Life has been a little chaotic and time has been slipping through my fingers.

One thing keeping us busy is our sweet Westie, Max. He's had a rough go of it this week after injuring himself while we were away from home one afternoon. The vet thinks he may have a slipped or bulging disk in his neck that's causing some loss of function in his hind leg, so he's on a couple of meds to reduce swelling and relieve pain. He's getting plenty of attention since we have to carry him up and down stairs, as well as outdoors when he needs to go. We're keeping our fingers crossed for a complete recovery, but it's a waiting game at this point.

We've also been on the road quite a bit, moving our son back to college and attending to some family matters. We have one more quick trip this week and then I'm hoping to stay put for a while. Summer continues in full force and I'm holding onto it, despite the fact that school begins in a week. There are still plenty of blooms to pick, fruits and veggies to savor, and sunny days to enjoy. I hope you're loving it all as much as I am!


Char said...

I hope Max feels better soon. I have two pugs and a cat, so I know how dear pets can be.

Jan said...

What a great shot of Max! He's a cutie -- I hope he's feeling better soon!

Alicia A. said...

Feel better, Max. :(

Ginger said...

Hope Max feels better soon. Wish we could come play with him.

Andrea said...

Your pictures are gorgeous!

My son starts Kindergarten this month, so I am conflicted with all sorts of emotions, happy to have him busy, sad that his babyhood is officially gone, wondering where the hell the time got, and thinking about doing it all again for my baby girl in 4 years.

I hope your doggie is feeling better. I'm having trouble with my dog having an allergy to something we can't quite figure out. She's scratched herself bald and has little bumps on her skin. Vet is clueless and just throws a bunch of medicine at her, which clears her up until the meds are gone and lather, rinse, repeat.

Rani said...

Again! The pictures are perfectly SUMMER.

I am so glad you're enjoying yours. We are "up north" in Ely, MN just doing the same . . . enjoying the lazy days.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, poor Max. He's such a cutie!

Great photos, as always.

Beverly said...

Love your photos!
We've had to care for our 12 year old Duke who had a bum hip. He doesn't know he's twelve, he still runs and jumps like a pup. Hasn't this year just run by? I don't know where those 'lazy days of summer' have gone, but they haven't stopped by here!

Nice job on your blog. I enjoyed reading it.

jackie said...

Poor Max! Hope he's doing better! I love your picture of Max juxtaposed next to the big sky picture. It has a mod art feel to it!
I know what you mean about time slipping through your fingers. Every day is full!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

your max is PRECIOUS... hope he has a speedy recovery!

these shots look right out of a magazine!
your eye... SO great!

you sure have had a lot on your plate... big hugs!