Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little bits

I've been knitting in fits and starts these days, snatching bits of time where I can to work on small projects. I had plenty of yarn left from the February baby sweater so I decided to knit this pattern that I've been eyeing for ages. These booties are a fast, easy knit. Oh, so cute when done, too!

Saartje's dreamy booties

I have no idea if they will actually stay on a wiggly baby's feet, but I suppose that's not my problem! Cute is what counts, right?

I also wanted to send a little thank-you to Jen for sharing her Jitterbug sock yarn. There were still plenty of leftovers after I finished the toe of my sock, so I decided to knit a wee one as my gift.

Elfin sock

I have to confess that I ordered a second keychain for myself. Not at all practical, but again, cute gets the nod. Here's to some cute, fun, makes-you-smile projects on your needles!


Kyra said...

Oh man, I want one!

Daisy is still there....

La Cabeza Grande said...

The booties are a perfect complement in cute to the lovely sweater! Well done. I know mom and babay will love them.

nuttyirishman said...

Don't you love this little pattern? It's perfect with the FBS. And your colorway is still my favorite out there. Lovely!

mayaluna said...

Those booties are delicious...I'm going to go check out that pattern...we know of a new little girl in town.

That wee sock is it!

tiennie said...

Such darling little knits!

Emily said...

The booties are even cuter than the little sweater! That is one lucky little baby!

CCC (Crazy Cooking Camper) said...

Both knits are super cute!

I can't wait to find out the gender of my friend's baby so I can start knitting all the cute baby clothes.

a friend to knit with said...

i have always loved these booties......yours are darling!
as is your feb. baby sweater.

sure hope you are surviving your quiet home without your son........that post was so great. so true. and as much as i am trying to take things slow. the days still just slip away.