Thursday, February 21, 2008

Collection obsession

I've been following the creative ventures at this blog and decided to jump in on the collections project. I began to look around my house to see what collections I have--there are quite a few:

♥pitchers ♥ironstone ♥McCoy pots ♥cake stands ♥valentines
♥Swanky Swigs ♥wire baskets ♥crosses

This list doesn't include collectibles I once sought after but somewhat abandonded. None of these are extensive collections, but they represent things I love. Most are vintage, found a flea markets, estate sales, antiques fairs or eBay. The collection I decided to photograph is this one.

Collection of Swanky Swigs

These little juice glasses first caught my eye at an estate sale. At such sales, I always head for the kitchen first, as vintage dishes and glassware are at the top of my prize list. The two glasses I found in the cabinet of this home started me on a search for more. I began scouring flea markets and eBay seller sites in hopes of collecting at least two of each of these tumblers known as Swanky Swigs.

I learned that most were originally filled with Kraft cheese products and were manufactured in countless designs. But the whimsical animals are most appealing to me. This series was produced in six colors, with animals on front and back. For each animal there is a corresponding toy version depicted.

Red Swanky Swig

My original intent was to find two of each design; strangely enough, I now have six black, five green, four orange, three red, two blue, and one brown glass. We do use them every day, despite a couple of casualties--that’s the fun of this collection.

Look around your home--do you have collections you love? If so, tell me about them!


a friend to knit with said...

i love how whimsical those are!

Jennifer said...

Those are great glasses. I love the whimsy in the kitchen. My step-MIL has many of these and they always make me smile. I'm off to ebay now to see what I can find. THanks!