Monday, March 05, 2007

Oh, Canada!

The Canadian Colors sock yarn is finally on the needles!

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A strange color combo, yes, but I love it. It's Regia Canadian Colors #4732 (Toronto), purchased online. I know some folks are bored with self-striping yarns, but somehow it spurs me on to see those predictable color repeats. Hmmm, I wonder what that says about my personality?


amy said...

wow that is pretty!

Natalie said...

I thought I was over self-striping sock yarns, but now the solid pair I'm working on now has BORED BORED BORED me!

There's no excitement of a color change every few rows. Or the mystery of just how the colors will stack up like in variegated yarns.

I know it'll look pretty when it's all done, but as for the knitting right now, I'm over it!

clothesknit said...

it looks great!

Colleen said...

I Love, Love, Love the Canadian Colors collection. See?

Dr. B. said...

Those colors are de-lish! I agree with the others. Self-striping yarn really passes the time, while solid yarn -- if you're not careful -- can feel like time is dragging on and on. (See: Dr. B.'s Christmas socks - still on the needles) Cheers!