Monday, October 02, 2006

Blame it on the bloggers

One of the highlights of my day is checking out all my favorite blogs. The daily reads lead me to such wonderful finds...great ideas, projects, photos, funny stories, and more. But I also blame these great bloggers for showing such wonderful things, because I'm not always content to just look at them. I. Must. Have. Them.

Like Jane, showing her funky socks in the hard-to-find Regia Canada Colors yarn. I fell in love and immediately started googling. I finally found one e-Bay seller who had a few skeins, all of which she sold (she told me) that day! Seems I'm not the only one who loved those socks.

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And when Kay featured these goodies by Francie Owens in a recent entry (Sept. 6), I wasted no time in ordering one for myself!

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Isn't it lovely? Even the back has a cute little surprise...and I love the tiny magnet tucked into the package.

I guess I'm just a copycat--not much of a trendsetter. And even though I blame it on the bloggers, I don't plan to stop blog-hopping any time soon. So...what do you have to show me today?


maryse said...

i almost purchased that regia color sock yarn from that same ebay seller. she told me they were going fast.

i held back because right now even if i did nothing but knit socks for the next 3 years, i wouldn't get through all of the yarn in my stash.

Dr. B. said...

I'm with you on this one! My entire crafting life is busting at the seams because of bloggers. There's something really magnificent about it, though, when you think about it.

(Let's not discuss the deliciousness of that sock yarn any further, however. It's too much to bear.)

Colleen said...

Well, shame on you for bringing this to my attention - but further shame on me and my googling skills. Found the stuff at and ended up ordered three different colorways.

What's $40 in the grand scheme of things, eh?

Lainey said...

I did exactly the same - I say those socks on Yarnstorm and thought "I've got to get me some of that Yarn". Not sure where Jane picked her's up (can't remember if she mentioned it or not) but I got mine at for any British readers (couldn't stop at just one colourway either could I?)

Theresa said...

I bought so much Regia Canadian colors when I went to Germany that I had to bring back a whole extra suitcase!